​’I Am Still Human’ Devotes A Day To Elderly


Photography by Pearl Sardana (MCM College 36)

With a motto of achieving national peace through unity of youth, tricity based NGO, ‘I Am Still Human’ took another initiative, this time by serving the elderly in Old Age Home, Sector 15 on September 18th, 2016. In the same, they were joined by Chandigarh’s poetry community, ‘Kavitactic’.

A family of more than 300 volunteers across the globe, covering various places in India like Uttarakhand, Telangana, Karnataka, and outside like Germany, Australia and News Zealand, ‘I Am Still Human’ is well connected and believes in the cause being right. In the same length, Vivek Mehra (Founder, ‘I Am Still Human’) quotes, “We aim to overpower political agendas, in order to achieve nationalism.”

With the same goodwill, the members of the organization spent time with old and elderly, while the poets of ‘Kavitactic’ recited their verses to support the cause. Getting company of the members of both the organizations, otherwise rarely attended elders were so involved, that isolation seemed non-existent.

The PR fellow of the organisation, Saransh explained PU Mirror how such activities initiate a spark of change. In his words, “(Our) organisation works for youth empowerment and redirection, with an aim to unite India by removing the irregularities of society. The event like this one helps our volunteers and interns to realise human virtues and values, that are crucial to bring about change in society.”

Finding problem of today’s world and solution to that problem, both in the young generation, the organisation is clearly for the youth and by the youth.


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Srishti Jaswal (MCM College 36)

Srishti Jaiswal (MCM College 36)

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