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The Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH), Sector 32 was in for three days of utmost fun and never-seen-before events, as the students kick-started the legacy of medical fest, ‘Plexus 2016’ at an exuberant note on September 13th, 2016. With the fest enthralling the audience for three days; 13th September to 15th September, here is how the fest turned out as expected on each day of its schedule.

Day 1: September 13th, 2016


Photo credit: Nikita Singh (MCM DAV 36)

The day started with the inauguration ceremony and Ganesh Vandana, leading to an auspicious start. What awaited the audience was a series of performances, in each separate event scheduled. The event, ‘Pitch Perfect’ held on to the audience as the various participants sang in solo and duet category. Next up the roll was ‘Theatrix‘ wherein the various teams enacted in not more than 5-7 minutes, and bagged the claim of being the winner. The extempore event of the day, ‘Small Talk‘ actually went on to witness the speaking skills of the participants, while some of the lot left the audience in total amusement. Again taking the lead, the solo and duet round of the dance competition, ‘Step Up’ showed the moves of medical students. And while these on-stage events ensured that the audience stays glued to the seats, the off-stage events to the kind of ‘Mehndi Competition’, ‘Push-Ups Competition’ and ‘Love Writing Competition’ marked their energy explicitly.

Day 2: September 14th, 2016


Photo credit: Shaurya Dahiya (MCM DAV 36)

The first event of the day, ‘Paradox Parley’ saw the students articulating their views on the motion “Social Media is making us anti-social”. The convincing views of the students were worth applauding and it was indeed a very knowledgeable experience for the audience as well. The esteem panel of judges Prof. V.K Kak, Prof Rajesh Gill, Mr. Govind Thukral, Mrs. Kavita Das declared Shraddha and Teena as the best speakers. What it was followed by was an icing on the cake, as ‘Game of Tones‘ witnessed 6 teams going through five bollywood based rounds, like prop round, English to Hindi conversion and dubsmash, to win the Plexus version of antakshari. In the same, Mishlin and Rohan were declared the winners. The next event was ‘Made for Each Other’, whereby the couples played various games in order to win the title and the immense involvement of the crowd was something worth watching. All along these events, the off-stage events like ‘Arm Wrestling’, ‘Rangoli Competition’ and ‘Tattoo-Making’ ensured that auditorium was not the only place to look up to in Plexus. Towards the end, energy of the crowd reached the top notch with the band performance of ‘The Light Ear’.

Day 3: September 15th, 2016


Photo credit: Nikita Singh (MCM DAV 36)

The day started off with the ‘Battle of Brains’ which included rounds like riddles, logo guessing and complete the sentences. In the meanwhile, ‘Treasure Hunt’ engaged the participants and the team of Manu Verma, Anjali Yandav, Preeti and Yamini Jassan won the competition. The next event ‘Jangling Discords‘ was a creative and interesting idea for the evening. In the game, the participants had to put forward a story while singing different songs. Soon after, the prizes for ‘Rangoli Competition’ were also given and the ‘Imitation Games’ began, which had two rounds (Solo and Duet). While Mantej, Inayat and Simarjeet bagged the solo round on the position of first, second and third respectively, Rohan and Michlin Sehgal bagged the first prize for the duet performance. The evening came to an end with three rounds of fashion show, in which the first, second and the third year students had performed on different themes like Rangla Punjab and Incredible India, spreading a message that the medical students are no less when it comes to fun.

In a nutshell, Plexus 2016 gathered the best talent of the college under one roof and made it an event worth cherishing forever.

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